Dadi Jan Papad is a renowned product of Daniyal Food Industries. Dadi Jan Papad is about bringing the colours and ingredients from around Pakistan to the world. Passionate about food, particularly fresh, natural ingredients, Dadi Jan Papad has devised a delicious menu which will introduce new foods as well as offering some traditional favourites. Daniyal Food wanted to bring Papad to a pioneering community which was ready for some new types of papads – Rice and Daal papad has proven to be the perfect choice. So why not visit us at our company to sample the real taste of Papad!



Daniyal Food Team consists of a wide range of professionals with different areas of expertise. With team members located all over the world, the members pictured here are solely those based at Headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan. Unquestionably, the success of the team is due to the hard work of each and every member. We therefore gratefully acknowledges the work and contributions by our partners and colleagues worldwide. We thank you for your collaboration, valuable comments and all the support to our work.


We have always believed in making sure we deliver only the finest products to our consumers. Gaining their trust and retaining it is our top priority, hence, Daniyal Food is committed to providing fresh and wholesome Halal papad that consistently meets consumer expectations every time. This, in turn, allows us to support our farmers in ways that increase their source of livelihood. Halal standards and operations are an integral part of our business philosophy. We ensure that the papad are cooked in extreme hygiene. Our products are therefore nutritious & 100% Shariah Compliant.



Daniyal Food Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Papad in the busiest city of Pakistan, Karachi. We’re commonly familiarize as Dadi Jan Papad. We produce the finest quality of Papad using an automated hygienic plant. We don’t compromise on quality of raw product for production purpose, to ensure our customer the finest product. We formulate 100% pure ingredients and provides fresh and lastly enriched papad for food lovers. It’s uncontaminated material counties the highest quality of papad which proves the DJP the best.


Since long Daniyal Food is name of quality products. Our brands are the only vegetables, spices, pulses and rice products in Pakistan which are healthy and meet the most stringent international quality standards. Our products preserve that natural virtue of all ingredients and are enriched with extra vitamins.


We make an optimistic difference in the lives of people with our products and services.


  • To provide high quality value-added food to contemporary and future generations.
  • We believe in leading and innovation in all aspects of business.
  • We believe in integrity, transparency and commitment.
  • We continually adopt highest standards of hygiene and ecology.