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August 18, 2019
Hyderabadi Bariyan Mung Dal
August 18, 2019

Chinese Crackers Prawn

Best for Shrimp (Prawn) lovers. The crispy texture and tempting aroma of Prawn Cracker can spruce up a regular meal. The classic crunch of Prawn Crackers blends deliciously with a slight, sweet finish.
Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Prawn Flavor, & Iodized Salt.
Nutrition Facts
Chinese Crackers Prawn
Frying Method
  • Remove the Crackers from the bag.
  • Heat the oil to around 190°C - 200°C.
  • Fry the Crackers in oil for approx 10-15 seconds until get fried appropriately. Take it out.
Allergen Information
May contain traces of Milk Protein.
Net Weight: 200gm