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May 5, 2019
Sindhi Masala Kachori Papad
May 2, 2019

Zeera Garlic

This triad rice papad is a delightful combination of cumin, garlic, and rice which enhances the delight of parties. Zeera Garlic rice Papad after garnishing with Coriander Leaves, Chopped Onions, Lime and Chilies attributes flavorsome munch.
Rice Powder, Potato Powder, Cumin Seeds, Garlic Paste, Sodium Bicarbonate (E-500), Vegetable Oil & Iodized Salt.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition-Facts-Zeera Garlic Rice Papad
Frying Method
  • Remove the Rice Papad from the bag.
  • Heat the oil to around 180°C - 200°C.
  • Fry the Rice Papad in oil for approx 15-20 seconds until get fried appropriately. Take it out.
Allergen Information
Made in a facility that processes Peanuts, Tree nuts, Soy milk, Wheat & Sesame.
Net Weight: 200gm