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Homemade Dal Papad, Rice Papad, Fish Crackers, Nimco & Snacks

We are a pioneer of Papad Manufacturer in Pakistan. With high quality and taste regulations, we are one of the top Papar / Papad , Nimco & Snack Food manufacturers in karachi, Pakistan. We are producing 35+ varieties of homemade papads such as Moong Dal Papad, Rice Papad, Potato Papad, Chana, Sindhi Masala papad, Punjabi Masala Papad, zeera Papar, Fish Crackers and others.

Top leading papad – food manufacturing company in pakistan

As Dadijan papad is a Top Best food brands in Pakistan, we are not only produce papad but also nimco & Snacks too like Chaat Papdi. Chipstoz, Phulki, PaniPuri, Fried Onion, and at the other hand in sweet we are selling Best quality of Pheni, Indian Famous amm papad , Imle Slice, high protein snacks like Peanut Chikki, and our most demanding items are Hyderabadi Bariyan  &Hyderabadi Dahi Mirch